Since the mid 1990s, DEFY Wood Stain has been helping DIYers and professionals beautify and weatherproof outdoor wood. DEFY products offer lasting results on wood exposed to harsh natural elements – including log homes, docks, decks, fences and siding.

For years, people have been using stains that require “bone-dry” wood, are hard to clean up, or wear off quickly requiring the homeowner to re-stain sooner than desired.

DEFY was created by a team of talented chemists and engineers who believed that there was a better way – simple, long-lasting and beautiful.

What makes it simple?

  • Unlike other stains, DEFY can be applied to wood that is not “bone dry” making it possible to clean, brighten, stain all in one day.
  • DEFY stains and seals in a single application.
  • No messy solvents required! Clean-up is easy with just soap and water.

What makes it long-lasting?

  • DEFY stains include acrylic resins that provide a lasting finish
  • DEFY products offer state of the art nanoparticle weather protection with options including water resistance, protection from UV graying and protection from mold & mildew.

What makes it beautiful?

  • DEFY offers clear finishes, as well as semi-transparent and solid stains in both tintable and pre-tinted colors.
  • DEFY offers matte and satin finishes so you can achieve the look you want for your outdoor wood.

DEFY is a product of Indiana-based SaverSystems. They have manufactured innovative weatherproofing solutions for over 30 years, including products for chimneys, masonry, outdoor wood and natural pest control. Visit our other brands here: