Do It Best members can use the below instructions to tint DEFY Solid Color Wood Stain tint bases.

Step 1

Choose any Geoshades color.

Step 2

Look up the correct color on your computer. You should be choosing one of the “DIB Geoshades” color formulas.

Step 3

Choose “Exterior Latex”

Step 4

Choose the base that starts with Best Look PNP – (Extra Deep, Neutral, Pastel, or Bright White)

Step 5

Choose “Flat”

Step 6

Use the cross reference chart to determine which DEFY base to use.

 DEFY Base Geoshades Base
Bright White Bright White
Pastel Pastel
Extra Deep Extra Deep

Step 7

Choose “Gallon”

Step 8

Select the appropriate DEFY base and add tint

Step 9

Affix sticker to lid

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